I don’t remember when and how i decided to teach,but in the years of ‘i don’t know what i want to become when i grow up!’,there were times that i knew i idolized a few of my teachers.I also had very strong opinions on how they explained a certain concept,what helped me and my friends understand it with clarity.I would certainly know if the teacher walked in prepared to her class or was just whiling away time.I started liking the way a teacher gave us her handwritten notes,or another took us out to the fields to look at plants.I liked how one would solve equations and ask us to follow suit…during that i realized each teacher was different,ensuring her concept was well taken by the audience.University introduced me to many a professors who had taken it upon themselves to guide and push their students to jostle and find a way in the by lanes of the world.Healthy arguments and debates…different perspectives- together make life a very interesting journey.I decided to play a little role in the lives of the people walking in to the world,a little later than me!

Why did you chose to teach? What is your story? comment below and let us know!


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