Fascinated by an Indian educator,eh?

So in all good fortune bestowed upon me,i have had an opportunity to visit a school far away from my land.As much as i am fascinated by the cleanliness,monuments and general good behaviour of people on the public transport,there are many who are fascinated by me…not for looks,not name because i do not have a penny to my name…but because i am an educator…a young girl in the business of education! and that also in India! Tsk Tsk…what will become of me?because the government is not stable! the population is spilling over…and do i even get paid a salary? a decent one…to keep me well fed? hahaa…happy musings,India,let’s tell the world our take on education and let’s begin with the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan…with the cutest logo!




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