Language Resources- The wolf children.

It has been proved time and again that the human child needs an environment which is rich in language.His exposure to language in his initial days of his life lays down the foundation for acquisition,consolidation and expansion of language that will continue through out his life.Dr Montessori talks about the importance of an environment that supports language by illustrating an interesting analogy of the wolf children.The wolf children were abandoned in a forest.(reasons undocumented) These children made their way back to the human civilization,but could never learn to speak.Since they always heard cries of animals,chirping of birds..they never heard the sound of the human tongue,hence they remained dumb or non verbal as we refer to them broadly in today’s world.The point here that she made was,The human tongue alone has the power to activate the machinery of speech.

Our biggest help to any child at the casa can be :- CLEAR SPEECH.

Children at this age are blessed with the natural power of the Absorbent Mind and the sensitive periods towards language.Attention must be paid to the way we speak,for each mouth formation is being absorbed by the child to reproduce. Clarity in making sounds,clear pronunciations and finishing each sound beautifully before we begin another one.Let’s also remember to have a precision in naming objects in the environment.The child must not be given a vague language ,for example an edge cannot be called a corner. The idea is not to teach through books but by modelling a certain kind of behaviour.






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