Why is breakfast important for teachers?

Have always heard teachers tell the parents ‘your child must eat a little something…’ or to the child ‘has mummy not fed you anything?’ ‘Why are you so low on energy,no breakfast in the morning?’

What happens when teachers walk in to school with no breakfast and the same lame ‘i have no time to eat in the morning!’ For the ones who manage just fine are lucky,who don’t,usually end up with ‘ i need coffee before i begin my day!! or just plain shouting at the children and what about being fatigued and not having the energy to even make a lesson interesting….let alone interesting not being inclined to present in an interesting fashion!

Speaking to many of my teacher – friends i realized,an empty stomach gets the better of us as human beings (and educators too) We seem to have more energy at our disposal if we have had a little something in our tummies before we reach our classrooms.

A dear friend from Nigeria talks about how hard pressed for time she is,but she does ensure she has two small breakfasts before taking on her day.The first breakfast is when she wakes up and is halfway through her ‘getting dressed routine’. She sits down on the table and eats her sandwich,muesli,flakes and coffee while she ‘creatively visualizes her classroom’.While at it she also goes through her social media sites. Adebanke is regular with tweeting.She connects with the parent community as well as her former students,every single day through numerous tweets and retweets.

The second breakfast that usually contains a muesli bar/power grain bar and a fruit is had when she parks her car at the school.She also guzzles down a lot of water before she takes on the day.

I have understood why she does what she does! It simply adds to her energy reserves,as once we are inside the classrooms we forget all idea of water-food-snack while we are trying our best to get children to follow instructions.By the time we are through the day,we look like zombies..and not willing to even talk or text..Our energy reservoir in the body has been depleted because we need ALL possible energy to get through the day.Also,the gap between dinner the previous night and a possible breakfast usually is a good ten hours!! When i saw my friend,she was still her vibrant self at the end of a maddening day!

A quick fix also happens to be eating some chocolates with coffee- a good boost of sugar helps combat the fatigue which makes teachers plonk themselves on chairs and not involve themselves in the classroom activities!

I guess a good breakfast does help!



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