‘Education tends toward three goals: self-confidence, self-esteem and independence. The Montessori environment is designed to allow the child to move toward that goal. Much of the work is individual and each material there is only one copy. The child chooses, as far as possible, unrestricted activity. Coaching may be necessary, however. A child can manipulate a material when it has been presented by a teacher. A presentation will be performed several times if the child expresses the need. The teacher will invite the child to attend a presentation and handling equipment. The child can also take your time, think, observe. This also falls under autonomy’

-L’École Montessori de Paris- Casa dei Bambini,Paris.

A school that touched my heart,for being so simple and welcoming,yet respecting the quietude of the four year old worker,for not allowing us as visitors to click the kids unnecessarily,thereby disturbing their concentration at work.We were also asked strictly to keep our mobile phones away and rather enjoy the experience of walking around the corridors that will shape many a human beings,that will be sent in to the society.

For one,i urged myself to interact one on one with the teacher-as a fellow human,understand her-a crusader much like me-for once i urged my memory to work better and look at activities i could,make handwritten notes for my smart gadget-the smart phone was asked to be put away in a locker at the head’s office.I for once loved being without the phone,loved not being told by mind to click incessant pictures-i for once reflected on my learning,while enjoying the beautiful school that is

-L’École Montessori de Paris.

A picture that a fellow researcher managed –



Head over to :- http://ecolemontessoriparis.fr/  and translate if french is not your cup of tea!


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