A kitchenette in my classroom?!

When i first began working as a teaching assistant,i would often see my mentor whip up delicacies in a jiffy,or create a ‘fire free cooking activity’ or just add a seasoning to food that would make children sit up and take notice and gulp and gobble it.I observed her being self sufficient inside her own classroom and not having to run around asking for things,thus ensuring that not a minute was wasted nor were the kids left alone or wondering at any point.

A discussion ensued around this in a conference in Amsterdam,where teachers discussed why should one make a “home for children in the classroom?’ The answers were always within us and that meant for little ones still groping their way around the world it is important that comfort does be a paramount theme in their environment,comfort usually sets in when one makes an environment their own-by adding a personal touch.As an individual i wouldn’t be too happy if i would have to borrow stuff from my neighbors on a regular basis,which also means stepping out and leaving my children unattended.It can be a corner in the room,a shelf in the cupboard or maybe the window sill.Mine is housed in the cupboard!

A quick list for the kitchenette:-

– A knife – very handy to cute and serve fruits.

– A peeler for the same.

– Bowls,that facilitate mixing and serving.

– Extra plates,easy to serve snacks to groups in different areas of the room.

– Electric kettle to heat water,that allows me to make my own coffee or tea *wink*

This is one thing that i shall follow in every grade that i teach! saves time leads to effective class management!



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