Separation Anxiety in kindergartners.

Reconnecting with Foylee,and got talking about what is seperation anxiety…as a mother of three she has lots to say from Morocco, ‘I’ve made this transition with three children, and, amazingly, it hasn’t gotten any easier. I felt just as guilty leaving Kip, who entered preschool this week, as I did leaving Otto, now in kindergarten, and Zane, a big-time fourth-grader. Yet, until this year, it never occurred to me to stop by the annual separation workshop offered by their school, the Brooklyn Heights Montessori School. I could just hear my mother’s exasperated voice: “Oh, come on, Hope, you parents today can’t do anything by yourselves. What ever happened to ‘just shut up and do it’? You think parents 40 years ago had workshops on stuff like this?”

Guess what did she learn at the workshop?

Never sneak out of the room. Your child won’t be happy when he figures out you’re gone. (I learned that teachers hate this tactic.)

Never make promises or bargains you can’t keep. Don’t say you’ll be waiting outside if you won’t.

Keep things stable. Don’t introduce any other new thing into the routine.

Expect regression. Your child might be great the first week and drag her heels the second, or she might be completely potty trained but start having accidents. Having experienced this as a teacher i second Foylee here,regression can be mapped in the in-between weeks and also be maybe due to much of preparing at the home front,which parents must be doing purely out of good intentions!


One thought on “Separation Anxiety in kindergartners.

  1. I agree!! It is certainly very important for the children to be secure and feel safe.. constant positive affirmations also help sooth the child and help him become stronger and secure


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