Circa 1985 or 2015 – It remains a teacher’s favourite!

‘Show and tell’, is a teacher’s favourite technique.Helping children feel special,the parents involved and the class,a phoney audience!

This vintage picture had me smiling! Reblog or retweet if you can relate to the “show and tell’b8cd1a299c4130179ade1bf754bcb363


Involve them!

‘But she can’t reach the kitchen counter..!’ ‘I certainly can’t involve him while i cook’ is all that was ringing in my ears,having heard parents say this innumerable number of times to me as a teacher.Now if someone says this to me i sure will show them this picture…I am blown away by the design and utility of this little toddler stand by IKEA! 70010c533da09f582924a69c3ac71025


What do the walls of your classroom really say about learning?

Shout out to Stephanie

Teaching the Teacher

In between the consumption of vast quantities of delicious food, I’ve been spending a lot of time meandering around art galleries in Europe.

I’ve seen the grand masters – Picasso, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Dali, Cézanne, Renoir, Degas.

Too many – I was sensory overload.

A lot of the works of art have just blended in to one hazy experience.

Which is perhaps why the What Design Can do exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum had an impact on me.


On the wall were simply designed visual provocations – no extraneous visual cues.

Just a simply designed posters with well thought out questions to provoke thinking.

My attention was immediately focused by the simplicity of the visual designs.


The exhibition provoked my thinking about classroom set up.

Primary classrooms are often an explosion of bright colours, cute slogans with lashings of decorative fonts.

Is this visual stimulus all too much for the children?

Could these bright displays be…

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