Circa 1985 or 2015 – It remains a teacher’s favourite!

‘Show and tell’, is a teacher’s favourite technique.Helping children feel special,the parents involved and the class,a phoney audience!

This vintage picture had me smiling! Reblog or retweet if you can relate to the “show and tell’b8cd1a299c4130179ade1bf754bcb363


Coffee discount coupons for Teachers!

Listen up people! Listen up coffee chains and Listen up all those in charge of supplying coffee,here in Europe they have major discount coupons for teachers,the next best thing after sliced bread!!

They seem to have a clear understanding of the principal  insatiable demand- uninterrupted supply =  excellent productivity.

Alternately, e=mc2

               Where e stands for energy, m for milk and c for coffee! 

And no no the law of diminishing marginal utility certainly does not apply here.

So can we please start designing coupons that give teachers a year’s supply of good coffee? We shall be meeting deadlines,submitting better lesson plans and look wide awake in the corridors! Just to remind you,Teacher’s Day in India is just around the corner.

You’re welcome!